May 2, 2009

Khaiyum questions forum’s credibility

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ACTING Prime Minister and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has questioned the credibility and independence of the Pacific Islands Forum after Fiji’s suspension earlier today.

Khaiyum said the while forum’s decision was regrettable, it had also been based on inaccuracies.

“The announcement [of Fiji’s suspension] was made via a press statement without any formal notification by the forum. It was only at the prompting of the Government that a diplomatic note was received this morning.

“The statement also falsely refers to so-called breaches of basic human rights, democracy and freedom under a military regime. Such inaccurate statements do not lend credibility to the analysis and conclusion arrived at the by the chair.”

He also hinted at New Zealand and Australian influence on the forum’s decision. “They appear to be based on representations made by only a few with political agendas and are reflective of the positions taken by the metropolitan powers in Wellington and Canberra.”

Khaiyum said the forum’s unjustifiable demand that elections be held “at any cost immediately, even under a flawed system” was not only patronising but showed a lack of commitment to real democracy and sustainable parliamentary representation.  fiji uncensored



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FIJI has been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum.

The announcement was made today in a press statement by the chairman of the forum, Niue Premier Toke Talagi.

“It is with considerable sorrow and disappointment that I confirm the suspension of the current military regime in the Republic of the Fiji Islands, from full participation in the Pacific Islands Forum, with immediate effect from 2 May, 2009,” Talagi said.

Despite the suspension, Fiji remains a member of the 16-nation organisation.

“This decision does not amount to the expulsion of Fiji from its membership of the forum,” Talagi said. “That proposition has not been considered and Fiji continues to be part of the forum, albeit with participation of the curent regime suspended until further notice.”

Forum leaders had made the unanimous decision to take this step on January 27 this year in Papua New Guinea, and Voreqe Bainimarama’s failure to meet a May 1 deadline to return Fiji to democratic rule had triggered the suspension.

The forum’s verdict was widely expected, but not by Fiji’s military regime. In an interview published in The Australian newspaper yesterday, Bainimarama said the forum would baulk at taking that step.

He also reaffirmed his position that there would be no elections until September 2014 and announced the extension of the emergency regulations which have stifled the media.

“A regime which displays such a total disregard for basic human rights, democracy and freedom has no place in the Pacific Islands Forum,’’ Talagi said.

“Nevertheless, we look forward with great hope to Fiji’s earliest possible return to constitutional democracy, through free and fair elections, when we will be able to restore this country to its rightful place among our family of Pacific Islands Forum nations.”

The Commonwealth, United Nations and European Union are expected to follow the forum’s move to isolate Fiji.  fiji uncensored

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