May 11, 2009

Black day a small victory for Fiji’s besieged journalists

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IT might not have been earth shattering news but a protest by journalists in Fiji came and went right beneath the nose of the repressive military regime.

May 3 was World Press Freedom Day and with media gatherings declared illegal under Voreqe Bainimarama’s Public Emergency Regulations, most journalists decided to mark the day anyway.

They wore  black.

Not on Sunday though, but on Friday, May 1.

Wherever you met them, journalists, well, many of them, were in black, symbolically mourning the suppression of their right to freely report the news.

Fiji Uncensored joins all journalists in Fiji in saying “Long Live Media Freedom!” – fiji uncensored


Health Minister launches protest against Fiji TV

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HEALTH Minister Doctor Neil Sharma is reportedly pursuing a complaint against Fiji Television for “ambushing” him on allegations that he illegally performed abortions in his Moti Street, Suva, clinic.

Dr Sharma complained that Fiji TV had sought the interview under false pretences, saying they were interested in asking him matters relating to the Ministry of Health.

It is not known how he is pursuing his complaints, whether it is through the complaints process of the now almost defunct Fiji Media Council, or through the board of Fiji TV itself.

Meanwhile, there are revelations tonight as to how Dr Sharma, a private practitioner, became Voreqe Bainimarama’s Health Minister.

Dr Sharma is Mary Bainimarama’s personal doctort. Mary Bainimarama is the wife of the military commander and Fiji’s self-styled Prime Minister.

Dr Sharma  has been Mrs Bainimarama’s gynaecologist for a few years. – fiji uncensored

Democracy movement will help soldiers who desert Bainimarama


THE Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement says it will do all it can to help Fiji Military Forces soldiers who leave the army “when the time is right”.

But this generosity would not be extended to convicted criminals who have joined the police force.

“I would personally use all my influence to ensure that any soldier who lays down his weapons when the time is right and walks out of Bainimarama’s military, will be looked after,” FDFM president Usai Waqatairewa said.

“This would be in contrast to the hardened criminals who have murdered and terrorised society, and who have then been rewarded [with a position in the police force] just because they have joined [Esala] Teleni’s New Methodist Church.”

Waqatairewa said notorious criminal Saimoni Rokotunidau was one person who sprang to mind.

Rokotunidau, who has been in and out of prison for the last 17 years, was recently recruited under a new police initiative to use experienced criminals to crack down on unlawful activities.

Waqatairewa said he believed most soldiers only remained in the Fiji Military Forces because of the steady pay packet it provided.  – fiji uncensored

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