May 13, 2009

Actions befitting a President

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THE eyes of the world are on one man this coming June, the President of the United States Barack Obama as he travels down to Egypt with the sole attempt to address the whole Muslim world.

Media agencies, politicians, royalties, clerics, business tycoons, activists, and whole families will converge on Cairo to listen to plans, fears and hopes of the American people.

People like me will watch it unfold through the media.

This speech depending on how powerful it is, will judge whether the Taliban, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, and the Mujaheddin can lay down anger with the Christian world and be rest assured that the USA comes with more than an olive branch, that the gesture comes with financial, aid and skilled assistance.

It also may mean that the Israeli Government will make necessary steps create a process of dialogue and respect the many freedoms of those who are ordained as “the chosen people”. That finally they have a President that in front of them is able to ask for forgiveness for the great wrongs his predecessors have committed.

His is a speech that will revolutionise the way we see and treat Muslims in our own society.

Peace in the Middle East depends on this speech. And this is a peace that will extend way beyond the confines of the Arab world; this is a peace that will prosper the world over.

This is an act by a responsible President who sees where he stands and what he can do to sustain ”just change”.

Thank you Obama.

Peter Waqavonovono,


Global warming influencing coup season

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THE Meteorological Service of Fiji says global warming may be causing longer coup seasons.

Met service spokesman Ray-Knee Dei said coups this century had been occurring outside the normal May schedule.

“The 2000 coup doesn’t really count because even though it occurred in May, technically we weren’t in the new century yet.

“The claim that the new century began on January 1, 2000, was a marketing ploy designed by marketing-ploy designers to take advantage of gullible tourists who were willing to pay big money so they could stay awake past midnight,” Dei said.

The 2006 coup took place in December, seven months after the coup season was supposed to have ended for the year.

“No one saw that one coming,” Dei said. “It did not even register on our radar system, but then again, we weren’t looking for coup-inducing glitches in the clouds.’’

Dei said it was possible that the system was stabilising, given that the recent half-coup – the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution – occurred in April. “But we can’t be sure until the next coup occurs.

“When that happens, we will be able to collect enough data to enable us to develop a program to predict these events. But this being the theoretical field that it is, we might actually be at the beginning of a dangerous new trend, that of having coups all year round.”

But senior fellow at the School of Political Climate Analysis from the University of the South Sapific and regime apologist, Four-Rank Pi-Kneema Rama said it seemed as if Dei was trying to twist his data to suit his theories.

“Dei seems to have conveniently forgotten about the September coup in 1987 when Fiji kicked out the Queen. Well, not literally.

“Anyway, the interim regime currently holds the patent for manipulating facts and Dei’s so-called analysis does not really hold water.” – fiji uncensored

  • No supporters of the regime were hurt in the writing of this piece. Well, not literally.

Youth advocates seek rationale for early release

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The Young People’s Concerned Network wishes to pose a few questions to the Prisons Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua on the release of nine convicted criminals charged for the death of youth Sakuisa Rabaka.

Since news came to us of the release of murderers under the CSO provisions approved by Naivalurua, our requests for meetings and clarifications to his office have proven futile.

These nine persons were in prison for only four weeks serving already an unfair sentence of four years each. 

Firstly, is four weeks too short a time for rehabilitation of convicted murderers? That is not enough time for the prisoner to contemplate and change and not enough time for the grieving families and persons who testified at the Rabaka trial to seek closure.

Secondly, of the many youths who were detained by the nine from 2006 to mid 2007 and taken to Black Rock in Nadi and physically and sexually abused – is their safety guaranteed? What is there to say that persons who testified at the trial of Rabaka and activists that provided supporting arguments won’t have any of these nine convicted killers outside their homes.

Thirdly, did Naivalurua understand the implications such an excise have on the respect for the rule of law, the Judiciary, and the justice system? The reputation of the Prisons Service that has been riding on the wave of the yellow ribbon project is at stake.

Fourthly, that the documents and procedures used by Naivalurua and others to release these nine persons should be revealed to the general public. There has to be a reasonable reason for this unethical release of prisoners. 

Youth in Fiji have been undermined for too long by persons in power and even in death like Rabaka they have no justice.

The YPCN will not let youth of this nation face any more of this discrimination. – fiji uncensored

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