May 15, 2009

Democracy movement says army under orders to shoot civilians

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VOREQE Bainimarama has given his top officers the go-ahead to shoot unarmed civilians, the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement website is reporting.

FDFM says a source in the Prime Minister’s Office revealed details of a Tuesday meeting involving members of the Military Council.

“A very agitated Voreqe did not mince his words with them: If the civilian population decides to take to the street, the order is now given to tell your soldiers to shoot them’.” FDFM said. – fiji uncensored


Network calls for release of ‘political prisoners’

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YESTERDAY at 10am Fiji Time, a newspaper reporter Theresa Ralogaivau was arrested by police officers in what was claimed to be a breach of the Public Emergency Regulations code currently governing the Fiji Islands.

Also during the day, an array of police officers arrested and currently hold in their custody a high profile Methodist church minister Reverend Manasa Lasaro. Any chance of exercising their arbitrary rights have proven  worthless in a nation where our security forces are almost blind to simple human courtesy and respect for human rights.

Earlier in the week two journalists from Fiji Live, an Internet based media outlet, were detained for running stories contravening the Public Emergency Regulations. There have been a large number of arrests lately aimed at political figures. Therefore these detainees are political prisoners.

Questions to certain businesses in Suva have also revealed that they have been told to close down business at 5pm due to the regulations.

The general public has been made to believe that there is no law but the PER and there is a suggestion that we do not [have any] human rights.

The country may be going through a constitutional crisis and there may seem to be no law, however we remind the people of Fiji that we all have our human rights. Even in times of crisis, authorities have to adhere to human rights principles that are universal and inalienable. No one can take away your God-given rights.

With detainment happening around the country, we the [Young People’s Concerned Network] are troubled by the lack of respect for human rights. Already there is no freedom of the media and we do not enjoy balanced and fair reporting. Furthermore, the media seems to only report on issues that paint positive images of the interim regime that is running the nation.

Violations of Human Rights and productive viewpoints that go against the regime are denied. Citizens who do not support the coup are been detained and human rights of these individuals strained. 

Fiji exists today with a functioning legally based Judiciary. The magistracy which has appointed under suspicious laws and civil servants hired by the regime to head integral departments of the civil service were dome without proper consultation and [Public Service Commission] bureaucratic procedures.

Nine soldiers charged for the murder of a young man Sakuisa Rabaka and sentenced for four years imprisonment were released earlier this week after serving just over three weeks in prison.

We live in a Fiji where our security forces do not have good people skills. Treating the citizens of Fiji with respect and decency is above all the right thing to do.

Police officers must release all political prisoners and maintain a respect for the rule of law. The force stands danger of losing face and faith from the general public.

This administration that has taken control of Fiji’s Government must seriously adhere to human rights principles and respect the people of this country. They show a considerable lack for appreciation and respect for the people of the country.

Peace and dialogue are the two most constructive means of solving this sad state of affairs and the regime must invest in “people skills” very soon. Violence and anarchy will not help this nation move towards a sustainable future.

The only answer is through peaceful means and nothing else. – fiji uncensored

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