May 17, 2009

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I AM the author of the Fiji Uncensored piece “March, and at any cost?” and I take exception to the insinuation in [Crosbie Walsh’s] blog that the posting somehow glorifies and indeed calls for a bloody uprising against Fiji’s regime.

I sent Fiji Uncensored an email to explain how I and I believe thousands of other Fijians who are members of the Methodist Church would react if the church called us to march. We would march, me included despite the grave concerns I would have for my life and despite my previous reservations about church interference in politics.

Perhaps my current views on church and politics are similar to his beliefs on the military’s right to dabble in politics, especially when Walsh can comfortably hold those views from his cozy living room and particularly when he can afford to pontificate about the need to give Bainimarama room when Walsh isn’t the person wronged.

I wonder how willing he’d be to excuse me if I broke into his house, beat him up, robbed him and told him I did it because I had to feed my family. That’s the principle of right-cause, wrong-method which Walsh seems to espouse.

No doubt Walsh will take that last paragraph as a template on which to judge those who hold views contrary to the regime’s, displaying our ”real colours” as he puts it.

I also wrote the piece to let the leaders of the church and the leaders of the regime know that the instructions or orders they give will have consequences for people of the ground.

The most extreme of these would be a bloody quelling of the march.

The leadership of the Methodist Church understands that it has under its power hundreds of thousands of people and it knows the influence it has over them. They should also realise, I hope, what could happen if they called us up and we were face-to-face with armed soldiers.

For the record, I was a Bainimarama supporter until the 2006 coup. I am all for a voting system that does not make race an issue and despite being Fijian, I do not think that I deserve special treatment.

If my one opinion piece is a reflection of who I am, what does Walsh’s considerably greater collection vindicating Bainimarama say about him? Bainimarama is after all guilty of treason and heads a regime which has condoned the deaths in custody of civilians and soldiers.

Unlike Walsh, I do not have the luxury of airing my views in public so I am left to send them to these sites with the hope that one will publish them.

(Neither can I afford to run my own blog because I do not have the time to analyse and dissect, sometimes incorrectly, the views of others).

But that is a freedom Walsh enjoys in the cocoon of  his society. Unfortunately for me, or perhaps happily from his point of view, it’s a freedom I and the majority of Fiji citizens wish we still had.

Myopic? Look in the mirror,


Conditions of credit

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AN interesting remark by the Interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama on the radio recently, is that the Asia Development Bank has decided to give Fiji supplementary loans.

What a joy to have much-needed capital rolling into the economy of Fiji.

Now, one question, what is the money for? Supplementary loans are focused on certain things or a certain need for the developing nation.

Another question, what are the conditions and can our ailing economy sustain these requirements?

Hopefully these questions can be answered soon.

Peter Waqavonovono,

Maths and Methodists

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TODAY we will attempt to demonstrate why statistics are important and why the military regime hopes people of Fiji do not realise this.

Before we get into our lesson, contrast the headline of two regime press releases: May 15, 2009: Comply with regulations – Leweni; and a day later: Government appeals to public to keep peace.

The former a directive “You must do as I say!”, the latter placatory “Hey, brother, have another cup of tea with strong milk. Don’t worry, I’m paying.”

Is this recognition of the Methodist Church’s power, (and here comes the first lesson in numbers) its ability to summon 290,000 people? And if the church calls 290,000 people, okay 145,000 if we conservatively estimate that half are above the age of 18, what is the regime going to do?

Arrest them all? Slaughter them?

If they are arrested, where will they be held and who will guard them? The sheer numbers will overwhelm the system.

Overall, there are more Methodists than there are people living in Ba, Fiji’s most populous province. Ba has a population of 232,000, 58,000 less than the number of Fiji’s Methodists.

And a worry for the regime is that Methodists aren’t concentrated in one region. There are Methodists in every province in Fiji and they are the dominant group in every one of those provinces.

Perhaps this is what keeps Voreqe Bainimarama awake at night, the knowledge that a church can overwhelm by mass of numbers alone his soldiers and their guns.

That the church can bring the country grinding to a stop by telling its followers not to go to work for a week – the perfect example of the power of passive resistance.  

Add into the equation the probability that most of Bainimarama’s soldiers, sailors and spies will be Methodist and therein lie the bits of information the regime hoped you did not know.

Seen through the eyes of a number cruncher, the real power is not the military with its guns, but the Methodist Church with its mass of numbers. – fiji uncensored

Lasaro under investigation

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FIJI Government spokesman and Permanent Secretary for Information, Lietenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni says former Methodist Church president Reverend Manasa Lasaro is under investigation for an alleged proposal he made to the church’s hierarchy.

In a press release posted on the Government’s online portal, Leweni also threatened to defer the church’s annual conference indefinitely.

“The proposal appears to be against the rule of law and against government,” Leweni said.

Fiji Uncensored understand the proposal was connected with a planned nationwide march by members of the Methodist Church.

“We appeal especially to members of the Methodist Church who are preparing for their annual conference not to be misled by the few people who are trying to cause instability.”

“Government fully understands and appreciates the importance of the annual conference to the church. However, government will not hesitate to defer the conference indefinitely if the security forces suspect any motive to cause instability,” Leweni said.

He said the public had to remember that many people including members of the Methodist Church were misled by political opportunists in 2000.

“People turned up in numbers at the Parliamentary complex in 2000 on the misguided notion that they were fighting for indigenous rights. The military, led by Commodore Bainimarama, had to rescue the nation in that year.

“We have been down this path before, but this time around Government and the security forces are more alert and will be pro-active in its collective efforts to keep the peace throughout the nation,” he said.

Leweni said attempts by individuals to go against government and the rule of law were highly irresponsible because they would only delay the nation’s re-building process, and put people’s lives at risk.

“We have laws in the form of the decrees passed by His Excellency the President. This includes the Public Emergency Regulations.

“We appeal to the public to respect the rule of law and don’t be easily misled by the antics of a few people who are trying to cause instability.”

He said government ws grateful to the majority of the public who were going about their lives and contributing positively to the tranquil environment that the country was experiencing. – fiji uncensored

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