June 9, 2009

The ‘naked emperor’

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By Michael Field

AN Auckland legal expert claims Fiji is now being led by a “naked emperor” who has no authority to be president.

Auckland QC Grant Illingworth, writing in the Auckland District Law Society’s LawNews, has been critical of Fiji’s de facto president, Josefa Iloilo.

Illingworth said that at Easter dictator Voreqe Bainimarama overthrew the constitution, which saw Iloilo lose his job and presidency.

Iloilo then re-appointed himself as president, despite having no authority to do so.

“We learn at a young age that hauling ourselves up by our own bootstraps makes us no taller,” Illingworth said.

“For Iloilo it may well have had the reverse effect: he lost his official status and was reduced to being a mere usurper, an unlawful pretender to the throne.

“And in claiming to be clothed with a new form of self-invented authority, Mr Iloilo made the same foolish mistake as the naked emperor in Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fairy tale.”

He said the army, police and civil servants of Fiji had not realised “the emperor has no clothes”.

Illingworth added: “But a warning is needed: if the populace give their tacit support to the usurper, there is a danger that they may eventually be taken to have clothed him with their approval.”

That, he said, would be a tragedy for Fiji. – fiji uncensored



  1. What about the ‘naked truth’ Mr Illingworth? Tell us who is right and who is wrong, the high court or the appeals court? Is it possible to come up with a 54 page judgement overnight? Why wasn’t a stay granted on the appeals court judgement? Why and how will it be a tragedy for Fiji if the populace supported the alleged usurper? Didn’t the majority support the people’s charter? Where in your law book does it say that the minority rules?

    Comment by joe — June 9, 2009 @ 11:25 | Reply

  2. Democracy is defined as the minority fighting the majority to have their voices heard. It’s simply a matter of who shouts louder.

    Comment by Noob Saibot — June 9, 2009 @ 12:20 | Reply

  3. Who anywhere believes that the majority supported, or still support, the Samy/Bainimarama Charter?

    If the majority REALLY supported it, then why is Frank and the Regime so scared of the “minority” that they won’t even let the media freely do its job?

    As for the Appeals Court ruling, it is an APPEAL for pete’s sake! That means most of the relevant information is contained in the original ruling – there for everyone to see since 2008, and available to the Appeals Court judges from the moment they were appointed BY THE REGIME ITSELF to hear the case. The actual hearing itself is so the judges can satisfy themselves as to what precisely is counsel arguing. It is really just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, and the last chance for counsel to pull their case “out of the fire” – which they couldn’t, and didn’t, do!

    The main point though is what, in law, is wrong with the judgement. There were all kinds of lawyers who came out of the woodwork to criticize Gates original ruling and point out its myriad flaws. But there has not been a single rebuttal of the Appeals Court ruling! No-one pointing out any precedent which undermined or nullified the findings of the Appeals Court. Not even Ms. Wikipedia!

    As for a stay, what purpose would it serve? If the Regime has been found illegal, then it is illegal. Simple!

    The only minority Joe, is you and your isolated and illegal Regime!

    Comment by Jean d'Ark — June 9, 2009 @ 13:41 | Reply

    • 64% supported the charter, which in any ones term is a majority. As for the appeals court judgement, it is where it rightly belongs, ie the trash can. In relation to the stay order, it was deliberately refused thereby preventing the defendants from taking it further up. Who would point a finger at the appeal judges when FLS is on their side of the fence?

      Comment by joe — June 9, 2009 @ 16:09 | Reply

      • Joe – you’ve got to be kidding!

        Who in their right mind believes that 64% of Fiji’s people supported the Charter? The whole process was totally manipulated, stage-managed and in some cases, even coerced.

        It was a complete sham that only fooled you! But it did not fool the people of Fiji, or the International Community. Even the Charter’s own so-called “independent monitors” did not sign off on the process.

        More importantly, what has the Charter brought to the people of Fiji? In case you didn’t notice, the Charter HAS ALREADY been enacted by the Regime (which itself defied the Charter by abrogating the Constitution).

        Where then are its miracle powers to bring unity, prosperity and hope? All these qualities are now in even greater dearth than they were before the Charter was even implemented. Fiji is worse off now, not better!

        You coup-supporters need to pay more attention to what is actually happening in Fiji – not what is going on in Frank and Samy’s fantasyland imaginations which aren’t even closely approaching reality.

        Comment by Jean d'Ark — June 9, 2009 @ 17:14

  4. OMG Noob — where is your definition of democracy from — Timbuktu??

    Democracy is about the majority’s wishes of who governs and how they are governed. You must be confusing it with human rights which ensures that the minorities wishes are not marginalised.

    Comment by Keep The Faith — June 9, 2009 @ 14:54 | Reply

  5. Noob is a knob

    Comment by Green Army — June 10, 2009 @ 01:16 | Reply

  6. Point taken Jean d’Ark. So, what in your opinion is ‘the fix’ for all this mess? Granting immunity to Frank & Co. and going to the polls under 1997 constitution may see Qarase back in control with his racist policies, basically back to square 1. Frank will not let go easily. SE Asian countries are replacing Aust & NZ. Are we between a rock and a hard place? The dialogue forum did not work either. Looks like it is beyond the point of no return.

    Comment by joe — June 10, 2009 @ 01:37 | Reply

    • It is not for you or I to agree on any solution to the current problems – it is for the people of Fiji to decide!

      And once they make that decision, it is incumbent upon everyone to respect that. If it is Qarase, then tough luck – accept it! If it is Chaudhry, same difference! Whatever problems those two cause is far preferable to the current rubbish. Because guess what – neither can keep causing them forever since both will one day have to face the electorate again and account for their decisions and performance.

      Frank is already not going easily – so why worry? We don’t have to convince him of anything – we just have to convince ourselves! This is already happening! More and more people are waking up every day to the unmitigated problems being caused by the Regime. And that is before all the remaining chickens from Frank’s economic mismanagement come home to roost over the coming years! How long do think Frank can remain in iron control of everything if he keeps getting more and more isolated like this?

      We overcame Speight in 2000 by refusing to bow down to fear, intimidation and lawlessness, and by simply allowing the law to take its course. The same goes for Frank – regardless of how long it takes! Even if worst comes to worst, Frank will not live forever. But right will always be right, and wrong will always be wrong, and the coming generations will simply wonder what all this profitless fuss was about in the first place.

      Meanwhile, what Asian countries are replacing A/NZ? Where are they? What have they actually done, and what difference are they making?

      If we could only manage 0.3% growth in 2008 with all this magic help from these alleged new “benefactors”, then what are you getting excited about?

      Comment by Jean d'Ark — June 10, 2009 @ 12:15 | Reply

      • ‘What Asian countries’? China, India, Malaysia etc. Agree Frank will not live forever, but it is not him alone, it is the whole military and the police.

        Comment by joe — June 10, 2009 @ 13:00

  7. And so what have China, India, Malaysia etc. actually DONE for Fiji? All their so-called wonderful support has not created ANYTHING on the ground for either Fiji, or the Regime! What then, is the point of it?

    It is NOT the whole military & police either! They are just doing what they are told, and half of them are just waiting for the chance to kick Frank out.

    In any case, the military and Police, they do not exist for themselves – they exists to serve and protect the people of Fiji (something which they are certainly not doing at the moment.)

    The whole reason these people are supposedly doing what they are doing is because they believe it is the price they must pay to eventually bring some positive change around in Fiji. That is the underlying hope, and that is why many can stomach doing things they otherwise inwardly believe are despicable.

    But that positive change must eventually come, and must one day be seen to be coming, in order to validate that hope. In that regard, we have seen NOTHING positive or sustainable at all since December 2006. So any Charter hope is badly misplaced because it is based on fundamentally flawed assumptions and hopelessly wrong priorities, and sheer ignorance of how things actually work, and how people actually interact.

    So the Charter won’t succeed because it CAN’T succeed! That means when Frank eventually dies, the military/police will have a very simple choice: Do they continue wasting their time, and Fiji’s potential, in pursuing a pointless exercise just for the sake of it? Or do they finally just do the sensible thing and beat a hasty retreat out of the quagmire? If they choose the former it will prove first off their choices were never based on intelligence, benefits or sincerity in the first place. But worse, they would thereby CONDEMN THEMSELVES to an endless and useless existence of having to CONSTANTLY micro-manage the exact same kind of gloom and tension that has increasingly engulfed Fiji ever since 2006!

    If you still can’t see where the march of history is heading in all this, then take a look at the following:

    Comment by Jean d'Ark — June 10, 2009 @ 14:35 | Reply

    • Read Dau’s comments below. My sentiments exactly. Even if it takes 10+ years, who cares. Things have to change bigtime. You are talking about the success of the charter and linking it with Frank’s death, clearly you are plotting an asassination or some sought of a conspiracy. I am sure the military boys will keep an eye on you and your “solivakaSONA”.

      Comment by joe — June 10, 2009 @ 20:16 | Reply

  8. CHANGE is inevitable. The undiminishing dynamic will and determination of Frank will overcome whatever obstacles in his path to a better Fiji.Make no mistake come what may. The little detractors with their little minds and little imagination who go through life in little ruts,will always resist all CHANGES that will jar their snug little world of pessimism. God bless Fiji.

    Comment by Dau — June 10, 2009 @ 19:45 | Reply

  9. Dau,

    So far Frank has not overcome ANY obstacles in the path to a better Fiji! He has only made a worse Fiji, and has no viable plan to make any difference to that. His sole focus is simply to stay in power, so he doesn’t even have time to try and make a better Fiji – even if he could do it, which he can’t.

    Fiji will simply therefore have to waste decades in this useless pursuit until you military goons wake up to the fact that you’re wasting your time and ours. Your “hope” for a better future has no case behind it – it is simply limited to insisting that you are right, and to reciting words that have no relationship to reality. But you can’t keep doing it forever. Just like Frank, your opinion will either change, or it will cease to exist when you do.

    Joe -what the hell sort of conspiracy are you talking about? Everybody will die one day – that is simply a fact of life. One day you and I and Frank will all be six feet under. None of us will be able to insist on our opinions or hold a gun to anyone’s head when that happens. If that takes 30 or 40 years, so what. See – you goons are already jumping at shadows! And all from a situation that you yourselves created without anybody asking you to. Can’t you see how useless this whole situation is? You are just creating work (and danger) for yourselves for no good reason. If you want to waste your time chasing after harmless little bloggers, go ahead. Nobody gives a stuff about you guys anymore anyway.

    And none of that will change the fact that the next generation will still have to make up their own minds one day about the Charter, and what it is delivering to Fiji. So far it has delivered 3 years of rubbish. If you guys extend that out to 40 years of rubbish, you will just give the next generation EVEN MORE REASON to put an end to this waste-time chapter of Fiji’s history once and for all.

    Comment by Jean d'Ark — June 10, 2009 @ 22:42 | Reply

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